Delta Continues In-Flight Technology Investments

By Woodrow Bellamy III | August 23, 2013
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Delta is continuing its investment in in-flight technology systems, as the carrier plans to launch a new in-flight connectivity service for its flight attendants next week. 
The service, provided by Gogo and accessed through Windows Phone 8 handheld devices, will allow flight attendants to process credit card purchases and provide updates about weather and connecting gate information for passengers. 
"Delta’s use of Gogo’s network in this capacity is truly historical.  It makes sense that, with often times more than $100 million invested in a single aircraft, airlines will leverage connectivity to assure that their operations are connected to the ground," said Michael Small, president and CEO of Gogo. 
Delta wants to continue developing the service as well, with plans to add more applications to provide flight attendants with information about passengers. The airline collaborated with Microsoft, AT&T and business technology developer Avanade to launch the service. 

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