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Eclipse Adds Upgrades to 550 Jet

By | August 16, 2013
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Curtiss-Wright Controls will provide its aircraft computer system (ACS) for use on Eclipse's new 550 twin-engine business jet. 
(Eclipse 550. Photo, courtesy of Eclipse.)
Shipments of the ACS began in December, and are scheduled through 2016. The ACS is an avionics subsystem that will host the 550's full authority digital engine control (FADEC) units. 
Eclipse also recently announced a new package of safety enhancements for its 550 jets, including anti-skid brakes, auto-throttles and the ability to display full size charts on its current multi-function displays. 
"The Anti-Skid Brakes, in preliminary flight tests, have demonstrated the ability to bring the Eclipse Jet to a complete stop in less than 800 feet with normal runway conditions," said Cary Winter, senior vice president of manufacturing, engineering and technical operations at Eclipse.

Eclipse CEO Mason Holland said the new safety package is available to all Eclipse owners who have upgraded their aircraft to the Avio IFMS system.  

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