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Thales IFE System on New British Airways A380s, 787

By   Marc Selinger | August 5, 2013
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British Airways’ new Airbus A380 and Boeing 787s are equipped with the Thales-provided TopSeries In-Flight Entertainment System.

The airline, which has ordered a total of 12 A380s and 24 787s, took delivery in the United Kingdom of the first A380 in July and first two 787s in June. The second A380 is due to be delivered in September.

The TopSeries System, which British Airways agreed to buy in 2008, allows passengers to watch movies and TV, follow breaking news, play games, and listen to music, radio and podcasts. The system also includes a 3-D moving map application. Arrival and flight-connection information is also available. 

“Thales is looking forward to more passengers being able to experience in-flight entertainment products and services fitting of the new state-of-the-art aircraft,” said Andrew Musgrave, Thales vice president for in-flight entertainment for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The new aircraft will be maintained at the Thales London Heathrow maintenance hub, which already services 31 British Airways aircraft.

British Airways has 18 Boeing 777-200s in service with Thales in-flight entertainment equipment.

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