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NATO Exercise Tests Cassidian’s IFF Systems

By | August 2, 2013
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Cassidian's airborne idenfitification-friend-or-foe (IFF) systems were put to the test during the recent Bold Quest '13 exercise, held in North Carolina to test U.S. and NATO allied nations' combat identification systems during simulated missions. 
Equipment from Cassidian's entire IFF "action chain" was deployed for the German forces during the exercise, with MSSR200001 interrogators on ground stations and LTR400 transponders on a German Luftwaffe C160 mission aircraft. 
The systems performed as desired, and displayed interoperability with employed allied IFF Mode 4 and Mode 5 equipment. As a result of the exercises, the military units were able to demonstrate the capabilities of the next-generation IFF Mode 5, which is scheduled to be introduced for NATO forces next year.

“Reliably distinguishing hostile from friendly aircraft is a question of life or death in multinational operations,” said Elmar Compans, head of the sensors and electronic warfare unit at Cassidian.  

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