Mexico Rolls Out Radio Communications System

By Tish Drake | May 2, 2007
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Mexican aviation authority SENEAM and ARINC deployed a high-capacity VDLM2 data link system in Central Mexico near the Mexico City Airport to support the communications needs of its airline customers. The VDLM2 service is fully operational following testing last year. ARINC said its VDLM2 technology relieves the growing radio congestion in the world’s most crowded airspaces by greatly increasing the capacity of aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) VHF data link channels. ARINC said demand for VDLM2 coverage is accelerating worldwide as newer VDL-equipped aircraft enter service, and as airlines adopt new data-hungry flight applications. An ARINC spokesman said the SENEAM and ARINC expect to work on additional VDLM2 coverage in the future, and regions under consideration include the busy airspaces at Cancun, Guadalajara and Monterrey. A number of international carriers with VDL-equipped aircraft including American Airlines, Air France, Continental Airlines, Lan Chile, and Sun Country are already using the new service. Other carriers are expected to follow later this year.

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