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By Frank Wolfe | August 1, 2013
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EMTEQ has grown into an industry leader serving the commercial, business and VIP aviation industries from their seven facilities worldwide. EMTEQ is an approved supplier for many airframe and OEMs working with airlines, modification centers, interior companies, system integrators and owner/operators.

With more than 120 engineers that specialize in product design, integration and certification, EMTEQ offers an extensive selection of LED lighting, cabin electronics, cables & trays, structures and installation provisions committed to collaboration with their customers.

Lighting the Way

As a pioneer to bring LED lighting to aviation, EMTEQ is a leader for both business and commercial aircraft. With an extensive knowledge base, EMTEQ brings the latest advancements in lighting to aviation.

The latest advancement of its QUASAR® line of Full Spectrum Lighting is QUASAR II, delivering high node resolution for the smoothest dynamics on the market.
EMTEQ has met the demand for LED lighting by airlines with their new drop-in LED lighting system, eFIT™. Designed for B737NG and A320 fleets, eFIT is installed and certified. It is a cost-effective mood lighting solution that replaces fluorescent systems utilizing existing mounting provisions and connectors.

Keeping your Aircraft Airworthy

EMTEQ is a leader supporting the upgrade and modification of aircraft systems with integration engineering and certification services. Experienced with third-party navigation and communication systems, as well as the installation of EMTEQ equipment, EMTEQ has an experienced team of FAA DARs, DERs, DMIRs and TCCA delegates to support any upgrade. They are working on several programs for B737/B757/B767 aircraft to meet the upcoming PM-CPDLC and FANS1/A operator requirements. EMTEQ’s engineering and certification services are complemented by quality cables and trays, as well as fully integrated installation kits for one stop upgrades.

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