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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies 

By Jonathan Ray | August 1, 2013
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When performance matters, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) has been one of the world’s leading providers of high quality interconnect products for over seventy years. With the acquisition of Thermax and Raydex in December 2012, CarlisleIT has strengthened its position as the industry-leader in the aerospace, defense and industrial markets. This expansion to our extensive product portfolio and manufacturing footprint allows us to meet a broader range of application needs.

Thermax designs, manufactures and sells customized, high-temperature and high-performance hook-up, data and coaxial wire and has been a supplier to the world’s foremost aerospace, avionics and electronics companies for more than 50 years. Raydex designs high reliability wire and cable for transmission of data and power on aircraft and defense platforms, as well as in high-end industrial equipment.

These acquisitions allow CarlisleIT to focus on growing its core technology in high-temperature, harsh environment wire and cable, as well as expanding market reach both domestically and internationally.

For more than 10 years, Thermax has been a leader in the development of seamless composite wire for the aerospace industry. Our Seamless-T™ tape-wrapped composite wire meets the enhanced standards of the AS22759/180-/192 specification and raises the bar by offering aerospace users a more mechanically durable wire via a tape-wrapped construction that features a smooth, abrasion-resistant surface. This high temperature wire is ideal for use in airframes, as well as in aircraft engines.

Seamless-T™ Advantages:

• Weight and space savings over extruded insulation

• Improved resistance to scrape abrasion

• Unmatched hydrolytic and electrical arc track resistance

• Exceptional laser markability

• Low outgassing characteristics Thermax has manufactured high temperature Firezone and SWAMP (Severe Weather and Moisture Prone) wire for the last 20 years and has sold over 200 million feet worldwide. Thermax Firezone is qualified to MIL-W-25038 and BMS 13-55. This cable is designed to continuously operate in temperatures up to 260°C and is qualified to the stringent ‘Shake and Bake Test’ where the cable must operate for a minimum of 15 minutes in 2000°F temperatures, including in direct flame. These cables are ideal for aerospace engines, fire detection circuits and flight-critical circuits.

Firezone Advantages:

• Minimum operation of 15 minutes at 2000°F

• Meets MIL-DTL-25038 and BSS7324 Shake & Bake Test, as appropriate

• Designed for use with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors

• Non-asbestos construction

In addition to expanding its product portfolio, the acquisition of Raydex offers CarlisleIT a manufacturing footprint in Europe. With this new manufacturing presence, CarlisleIT can better serve the European Aerospace market.

CarlisleIT’s diverse product brands and capabilities are the culmination of key internal development, strategic acquisitions and committed execution of the enterprise-wide Carlisle Operating System initiative. This improves quality, cost and delivery of product through alignment of organizational purpose, elimination of non-value added activity, and continuous improvement doctrine. CarlisleIT products and services consist of high performance wire and cable, optical fiber, connectors, contacts, assemblies and fully integrated racks for turnkey installation of IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) and other systems. With over 120 engineers and test personnel in-house, CarlisleIT has the expertise and equipment to meet all of your engineering, development and qualification needs.

Headquartered in St. Augustine, Fla., CarlisleIT has operations in Arizona, California, Florida, Washington, Wisconsin, China, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

CarlisleITPhone: 800-458-9960Web: www.CarlisleIT.com

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