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FreeFlight, Aspen Partner to Develop ADS-B Solutions

By gguarino | March 26, 2013
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FreeFlight Systems announced a new partnership with Aspen Avionics to develop automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) systems.

The new line of ADS-B systems will be distributed under the Aspen brand. The two companies have similar partnership agreements regarding support for technology standards and ensuring compatibility of upgrades with legacy avionics systems.

FreeFlight Systems CEO Tim Taylor called the partnership a “win for the GA community,” as pilots and operators prepare for FAA’s full deployment of NextGen.

“We are partnering with FreeFlight Systems for our ADS-B solutions because of its reputation for product value, performance and technical excellence,” said Aspen President and CEO John Uczekaj. “Together we are creating unique systems that will significantly increase the range of cockpit upgrade options for pilots as they equip for ADS-B and other NextGen services.” 

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