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Airbus ProSky to Optimize ILS Areas in Switzerland

By Tish Drake | February 12, 2013
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Airbus ProSky was selected by Zurich Airport and Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) Skyguide, to optimize the Instrument Landing System (ILS) protection areas of one of the airport’s three runways.

Zurich Airport and Skyguide have selected Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment (ELISE) services as the best solution to precisely simulate and optimize the critical and sensitive areas of the new localizer antenna for A380 and 747 operations for its ICAO CATIII runway.The analysis will also assess the possible gains in terms of size of protection areas by using different localizer antenna systems.

Jann Döbelin, Head of Planning and Engineering at Zurich Airport states: "The smaller the protection areas are, the less limitations applies to runway capacity, which is key for any large airports."

Hervé Demule, Head of ILS Product Center at Skyguide adds: "We expect that the results delivered by ELISE will bring Cat III Holding Points closer to the runway and reduce the Runway Occupancy Time in Low Visibility, thus adding additional capacity."

ELISE services were initially developed by the Airbus business nursery from the expertise of Airbus Engineering, EADS Innovation Works and ENAC (the French Aeronautic University). Airbus ProSky is now developing the services as part of their integrated ATM portfolio. ELISE services offer a change in accuracy and reliability on localizer and glide path signal predictions compared to existing tools, by modelling the airport environment in 3D.

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