AAR to Perform Interior Mods for Undisclosed Airline

By Tish Drake | December 26, 2012
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AAR received FAA design approval to perform custom interior modifications for Boeing 767-300 operated by an undisclosed U.S.-based international airline.

AAR Engineering Services’ design modification includes the installation of flatbed seats, new in-flight entertainment systems and a lower lobe crew rest, as well as the replacement of galleys. AAR managed the processes to obtain the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) on the customer’s behalf and provided custom modification kits produced at AAR Aircraft Services in Indianapolis.

“It’s critically important to return aircraft to revenue service as soon as possible and with this complex program, we came in ahead of schedule for the customer,” said Ron Eaton, Vice President, AAR Engineering Services. “We provided timely and innovative design services, managed the approval process and streamlined numerous capabilities to complete the project while staying on budget.”

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