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SEA Receives AML STC for ADS-B

By Tish Drake | December 19, 2012
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Southeast Aerospace (SEA), based in Melbourne, Fla., completed an approved model list supplemental type certificate (AML STC) with FreeFlight’s automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) system. The contract includes engineering, certification and installation of the FreeFlight RANGR ADS-B Out system in a Cessna 172S.

SEA will offer support with an STC with AML approval for a 978MHz UAT system. The initial program included 3 airframe series, Cessna 150/172/182. SEA said it is working on adding 7 additional airframe series to the AML.

Newly TSO’d equipment was used for this program. This is the first GA fixed wing STC for the FreeFlight 978 MHz UAT and the first ADS-B STC using a Mode C transponder. The equipment chosen for this project included: FreeFlight FDL-978-TX RANGR UAT, TC-978 control head, FTM-190C RF Decoder, 1201 GPS/WAAS receiver, two L-band antennas, and a GPS/WAAS antenna.

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