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Boeing, Embraer Form Partnership to Improve Airport Runway Safety

By gguarino | December 19, 2012
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Boeing and Embraer are teaming up to develop new landing procedures and enhanced cockpit technology to combat runway excursions.

The two companies plan to unveil Runway Situation Awareness Tools, a set of near term and long-term solutions for dealing with runway excursions. In the near term they will release new pilot procedures and a training video regarding landing performance. The long-term solutions include plans to jointly develop flight deck technology and systems to improve pilot information about runway approach and landing conditions.

Runway excursions occur as the result of botched aircraft landings, often because the pilot landed too fast, which can cause the aircraft to continue off the end of the runway.

Between 2002 and 2011, runway excursions accounted for 15 out of a total of 79 fatal aviation accidents, Boeing said.

"Runway excursion is one of the three major contributors to aviation accidents, and we firmly believe that a robust set of pilot procedures, training and new technology will substantially reduce these events," said Paulo Cesar Silva, president and CEO of Embraer.

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