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Jeppesen Designs RNP Approach in Denver

By Tish Drake | November 27, 2012
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Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen said Tuesday it has designed and delivered area navigation with required navigation performance (RNAV RNP) based arrivals for the Denver International Airport (DEN).

Working with Denver airport officials, FAA, airlines and others, including authorities from Centennial Airport and Rocky Mountain Regional Airport, Jeppesen has designed new arrival procedures that will expedite the flow of traffic arriving at DEN. The new procedures reduce pilot and controller workload and increase aircraft operational efficiency, while at the same time make DEN more neighbor-friendly, the company said.

“Denver International Airport is one of the least delayed, most efficient airports in the national Airspace System, and these evolutionary flight procedures enable us to meet increased demand in the future while minimizing aviation’s environmental impacts,” Kim Day, Aviation Manager for Denver International Airport said. “Through collaboration with Jeppesen, the FAA, airports, industry leaders and the public, Denver’s skies are opened to continued growth and increased performance.”

These new RNAV RNP arrival procedures will be fully implemented Dec. 3. From initiation to completion, the project was completed in less than 24 months, Jeppesen said.

“Performance-Based Navigation is one of the pillars upon which NextGen and SESAR will be built, but these future air traffic management systems cannot be implemented by government alone,” said Jeppesen President and CEO Mark Van Tine. “Successful implementation requires cooperation and collaboration by numerous stakeholders, as was the case with this project. I am proud that Jeppesen played a lead role in helping DEN continue to improve operational efficiency.”

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