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China Southern Selects Rockwell Collins Avionics

By Tish Drake | November 13, 2012
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China Southern has selected a package of Rockwell Collins avionics, including its MultiScan threat detection system and the GLU-925 Multi-Mode Receiver, for 16 new Airbus A330s.

“It’s been a great pleasure to work with China Southern to create an avionics suite for their A330 aircraft that will bring them high levels of efficiency, safety and situational awareness and world-class service and support,” said TC Chan, vice president and managing director, Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins. “The systems we’re providing naturally benefit the passengers with a smoother, more pleasant ride.”

China Southern also selected the SAT-2100 satcom system, ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder, DME-900 Distance Measuring Equipment, HFS-900D High Speed Data Radio, VHF-2100 Very High Frequency Transceiver, CPL-920D Coupling Unit and VOR-900 VHF Omnidirectional Radio.

Rockwell Collins’ WXR-2100 MultiScan Threat Detection System provides weather assessment to helps pilots discern between threatening and non-threatening weather. It also alerts them to other atmospheric threats that may be invisible to the naked eye, such as the potential for turbulence, lightning or hail, all presented through an optimized, clutter-free display that increases crew situational awareness while reducing pilot workload.

The GLU-925 Multi-Mode Receiver is the primary navigation sensor for all phases of flight, and meets the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) requirement of 0.1 nm.

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