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Eclipse Selects EVS Supplier for Eclipse 550

By Tish Drake | November 1, 2012
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Eclipse Aerospace selected Lexavia Integrated Systems, of Gulf Breeze, Fla., to supply the Enhanced Vision system in the Eclipse 550 Jet, scheduled for first delivery in the third quarter 2013.

The Lexavia model chosen, the LFS6000, includes a sensor housing rises a 1.42 inches above the center of the bonnet. It will be configured with a 640 x 480 element sensor array, which uses VOx long wave infrared technology, and a 640 x 480 resolution camera offers 4x electronic zoom. Lexavia's LFS6000 interfaces with Eclipse 550 EFIS for display on the MFD, and the infrared depiction will be displayed on the MFD in the cockpit.

'"The addition of Enhanced Vision adds yet another level of safety to the Eclipse 550. EVS, along with Synthetic Vision, Auto Throttles, and the other features of the new Eclipse 550 avionics platform brings an incredible amount of technology to the aircraft, while at the same time reducing pilot workload. Eclipse continues to work relentlessly to build the safest, most cost effective, and easiest to operate aircraft in its class," said Cary Winter, senior vice president of Engineering & Global Service.

"Lexavia sensors offer twice the resolution at half the price. The increased resolution and four-times zoom capability of the LFS6000 allow pilots to clearly view runway incursions and other hazards with enough time to safely execute the missed approach. We are looking forward to bringing this capability to the Eclipse 550," said Bill Van Zwoll, Lexavia Director of Sensors and Integrated Products.


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