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XL Airways France Selects Lufthansa Systems Upgrades

By gguarino | October 16, 2012
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XL Airways France has selected a package of aeronautical solutions from Lufthansa Systems, including the Lido/Flight, Lido/RouteManual, Lido/eRouteManual and Lido/iRouteManual as well as Lido/ObstacleData.

Lufthansa said the Lido/Flight system can lead to fuel savings of up to 5 percent for the French carrier by providing the most suitable route for each flight based on weather conditions, total weight and air traffic.

Additionally, the Lido/iRouteManual provides access toprofessional instrument flight rules on tablet PCs.

XL Airways operates a fleet of six aircraft, including an Airbus A320, A330 and a Boeing 737-800.

“By selecting the new solutions, we are now significantly expanding our collaboration and will be benefiting from the experience and quality of a leading IT provider,” said Mickaël Clermont, OCC manager at XL Airways France. 

(The Lido/Flight flight planning system, courtesy of Lufthansa Systems)

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