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Raytheon, U.S. Air Force Complete Test Flights of MALD-J

By gguarino | September 24, 2012
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The U.S. Air Force and Raytheon recently completed four successful test flights of the Miniature Air Launched Decoy Jammer (MALD-J).

Raytheon’s MALD-J adds radar-jamming capability to the basic MALD platform, an air-launched flight vehicle that duplicates the combat flight profiles of U.S. and allied aircraft.

“MALD saves lives by saturating enemy integrated air defense systems, causing them to pursue the wrong target instead of attacking our aircraft,” said Harry Schulte, vice president of air warfare systems at Raytheon. “With MALD-J, we are building on this combat-proven decoy to provide the warfighter with even more capability.”

Raytheon delivered the MALD-J to the U.S. Air Force recently and has not yet announced an estimated date when the MALD-J will enter service.

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