Gogo to Use Intelsat Satellites for Transoceanic Wi-Fi

By Tish Drake | September 7, 2012
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Satellite service provider Intelsat signed an agreement to provide broadband satellite capacity for Gogo to enable Wi-Fi access for transoceanic air routes and other areas around the globe starting in early 2013.

Gogo signed a multi-year, multi-transponder contract to use Ku-band satellite capacity on Intelsat 19, Intelsat 21, Intelsat 22 and Intelsat 27. These satellites are designed to provide high-speed connectivity for airline passengers crossing portions of the Atlantic and northern Pacific oceans, as well as routes over South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

"We believe Intelsat brings to the table a long term commitment to providing Aero solutions for the aviation market, including the recently announced Intelsat EpicNG, which we expect will allow us to provide the reliable and seamless satellite coverage our current and prospective airline partners must have to meet passenger demand for high-speed Internet access on transoceanic and other international flights," said Michael Small, Gogo’s president and CEO. "This agreement is expected to enable Gogo to provide a broad range of aircraft with a variety of technology solutions. Whether it’s our exclusive air to ground and ATG-4 technologies, or advanced satellite technologies, we expect to offer a full range of connectivity solutions for any aircraft type or mission."

"We expect Gogo to benefit from Intelsat’s global mobility network, which when complete in early 2013, will support worldwide aeronautical and maritime applications," said Mark Rasmussen, Intelsat’s regional vice president of North America sales. "Gogo requires robust and scalable broadband connectivity over a large geographic expanse. Intelsat is perfectly positioned to fulfill this requirement with a global satellite solution that includes our IntelsatOne infrastructure and the launch of our new Intelsat EpicNG platform, which will provide further options for the continued evolution of Gogo’s services."

Intelsat 22 and Intelsat 19 are currently in service. Intelsat 21 was launched on August 19, 2012 and will operate at 302° East. Intelsat 27 is planned for launch in early 2013 and will be positioned at 304° East.

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