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Garmin Introduces New ADS-B Solutions

By gguarino | July 17, 2012
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Garmin on Monday announced a new comprehensive suite of certified ADS-B solutions for “any aircraft owner” to satisfy FAA’s NextGen mandate for ADS-B Out and provide access to ADS-B In.

According to Garmin, their new GDL 88 series is the first dual-link ADS-B solution for certified aircraft, as it provides a rule-compliant solution for aircraft operating in the U.S. below 18,000 feet, and receives both the 978 MHz UAT and 1090 MHz frequency bands.

Garmin expects the GDL 88 to receive FAA’s Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certification in the fall of 2012 for the majority of Part 23 fixed-wing aircraft, and will make it available for sale to customers at that time.

Additionally, Garmin expects to receive FAA TSO-C166b authorization for its GTX 330 and GTX 33 transponders, allowing them to meet current ADS-B compliance standards when paired with a compatible WAAS position source. The Switzerland-based manufacturer expects the GTX 330/33 to receive certification in the fall as well.

“No matter what type of aircraft you fly, where you fly or what you’re looking to get out of ADS-B, Garmin has a solution to meet your needs,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “NextGen represents a significant opportunity for pilots to fly with greater safety, efficiency, flexibility and situational awareness. Our solutions go further than meeting the minimum requirements for ADS-B. They offer a full range of traffic, weather and other datalink display capabilities to give pilots the most complete picture of their operational environment. Our full line up of ADS-B products, along with our comprehensive ADS-B Academy website, support Garmin’s commitment to making the ADS-B transition easy and affordable for all aircraft owners.”


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