euroAtlantic airways Selects Navtech EFB App

By Staff Writer | June 8, 2012
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Navtech signed a multi-year agreement with euroAtlantic airways for provisioning aeronautical electronic charts for the iPad, in a Class 2 electronic flight bag (EFB).

Navtech iCharts is an application that brings Navtech electronic charts to the iPad, which allows the iPad to be used as a Class 1 EFB, or with regulatory and operational approval, as a Class 2 Type B device. Navtech said it has worked with customers to achieve operational approval of the iPad as a Class 2 device.

“We are prepared to work with them and develop a unique solution to their needs for their worldwide operation,” said Ashley Heard, European sales director at Navtech. “They have a 24/7 operational requirement and we are happy to provide a solution using Navtech iCharts which fits the requirement both commercially and operationally.”

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