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Banyan Upgrades Ramp for Gulfstream’s Wi-Fi Requirements

By Tish Drake | May 16, 2012
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Banyan Air Service completed equipping its ramp to meet requirements for the Gulfstream G650 and G280. These aircraft, set to enter service this year, are equipped with new systems dependent upon wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity.

The G650 contains an Aircraft Health and Trend Monitoring system (AHTMS), also known as PlaneConnectHTM, and the G280 includes a system that allows for wireless database updates to the Rockwell Collins system through the Ascend portal. The Wi-Fi functionality at Banyan Air Service will enable visiting G650 and G280 aircraft to use their external antennas to transfer data to and from the aircraft.

“In addition to meeting Gulfstream’s requirements for Wi-Fi connectivity on our ramp, we took this opportunity to take our wireless to the next level,” says Joseph Melendez, Banyan’s information technology director. "We equipped 80 acres on our entire campus with wireless connectivity and also revamped our internal wireless to provide a better experience for our customers.”

Banyan Air Service has seen an increase in the number of Gulfstream visiting its FBO for fuel and avionics services. The Banyan Avionics team is currently working with Honeywell to obtain STC certifications on Gulfstream models GII, GIII, and GIV aircraft for the Honeywell Aspire 200 LG system. Banyan avionics recently completed an EGPWS and FDR upgrade on two GIV aircraft.

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