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Elbit Systems Awarded Hermes 900 UAS Contract

By Tish Drake | January 3, 2012
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Israel-based Elbit Systems was awarded a $50 million contract to supply its Hermes 900 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to a governmental office of an undisclosed country in the Americas. The UAS will be operated in a variety of perimeter security missions. The project will be performed over about a year, according to the company. Elbit said the contract will include systems such as the Universal Ground Control Stations (UGCS), Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop’s highly advanced DCoMPASS™ payload systems, as well as satellite communication systems.

“We are very proud that yet another customer has selected the Hermes 900, following orders by the Israeli Defense Forces and Chile,” said Elad Aharonson, general manager of Elbit Systems UAS division. “Hermes 900 is establishing its position as a world-leading UAS for intelligence missions, as well as perimeter and security missions. An added value is the unique advantage of the common ground control station for both the Hermes 900 and the Hermes 450 array, allowing enhanced operational flexibility and cost effectiveness.”

The contract also includes satcom capability. “This advanced capability is extremely important for a UAS in the Hermes 900’s category, as it significantly broadens the flight mission from operations with Line of Sight (LoS) using a ground control station and LoS communications to flight missions in which the UAS takes off from its main base and continues to extended missions in very long ranges, enabled thanks to the large fuel tank and the increased takeoff weight. For example, a UAS such as the Hermes 900 with flight endurance of more than 30 hours, can, with the use of satcom, drastically extend its flight range from 300 km to 2000 km. In addition, satcom enables to launch the UAS from a launch and recovery site in theatre and to control the mission from a station in a remote and convenient location,” according to the company.

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