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Boeing to Upgrade Malaysian Hornet Cockpits

By Tish Drake | December 8, 2011
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Boeing on Nov. 28 received a U.S. Navy contract to provide the first major upgrades for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) fleet of eight F/A-18D Hornets.

The contract covers design, development and installation of retrofit kits that will provide enhanced navigation, targeting and situational awareness. The program includes GPS improvements; a moving-map cockpit display; Identification Friend or Foe Interrogation capabilities; the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System; and maintenance and air crew training for these systems.

“These upgrades will deliver enhanced capability for the RMAF fleet to remain effective, interoperable with allies and operationally relevant for years to come,” said Julie Praiss, Boeing Global Services & Support director of Tactical Aircraft & Weapons Support. “Boeing looks forward to our continued partnership with the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the U.S. Navy to ensure that these F/A-18Ds continue to serve Malaysia’s strike and interdiction mission needs.”

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