Airbus Certifies Honeywell TCAS

By Tish Drake | May 11, 2011
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Honeywell said Wednesday its advanced traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) with SmartTraffic has been certified by Airbus for use on its A320s, A330s and A340s.

The company said the system improves traffic situational awareness and increases flight safety and efficiency, leading to significant cost savings for airlines. “The new TCAS system is a significant step towards worldwide Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernization, which is designed to make flights safer, more environmentally friendly and more affordable,” said John Bolton, president of Honeywell’s Air Transport and Regional business. “Airlines that use TCAS with SmartTraffic will be flying planes equipped with the most advanced collision avoidance in the world. This will considerably increase their flight efficiency and routing, and in so doing, reduce their costs substantially.”

Honeywell’s TCAS system meets standards recommended by ICAO and reinforced by the Association of European Airlines as a global safety update for all TCAS systems. The system complies with the proposed European mandate of Change 7.1 and includes a unique hybrid surveillance technology that improves long-range situational awareness, and mitigates the risk of a potential mid-air collision by addressing key safety hazards and providing a clear course of action.

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