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GE Deploys RNP Procedure in Alaska

By Tish Drake | May 6, 2011
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GE Aviation’s PBN Services division on Thursday said it had deployed the first public-use Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure in Alaska at Deadhorse.

The Deadhorse procedures became available for public use four months after GE submitted documentation to the FAA for processing, transmittal and publication. Last August, with the publication of an
RNP instrument approach at Bradley Intl. Airport at Windsor Locks, Conn., GE became the first commercial third-party to deploy a public instrument flight procedure in the United States.

"The rapid publication of the Deadhorse RNP procedure illustrates GE’s ability to work with the FAA and to employ advanced technology to deliver airspace modernization benefits today," said Steve Forte, PBN Services general manager. "GE is ready to utilize its resources to deliver RNP programs that yield both economic and environmental benefits for airline operations in the U.S."

Deadhorse is located more than 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle and is a staging point for personnel and equipment bound for Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay and North Slope oil operations. The airport has about 190 arrivals per week, including commercial service, air taxi and general aviation operations.

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