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Jeppesen Enters GA Data Agreement

By Tish Drake | November 12, 2010
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Jeppesen and Advanced Flight Systems, of Canby, a supplier of avionics hardware for the light sport and experimental aircraft, have entered into an agreement to provide Jeppesen NavData and obstacle services for Advanced Flight Systems avionics navigation systems. The avionics data offering serves as part of a total Jeppesen light sport and experimental aircraft suite for both certified and non-certified aircraft.

“We now offer light sport and experimental pilots the top flight information and navigation data available, with Jeppesen NavData now available through Advanced Flight Systems avionics systems,” said Rob Hickman, CEO of Advanced Flight Systems. “This marks an exciting step forward, with the most accurate and complete navigation data now being offered onboard for Advanced Flight Systems customers through this agreement with Jeppesen.”

For light sport and experimental aircraft avionics systems, Jeppesen provides NavData navigation information, obstacle data and aviation parts and supplies offered through partner company Aviall. Jeppesen navigation data updates are available online, through the Jeppesen Services Update Manager system. Jeppesen also offers JeppView electronic charting for compatible avionics systems, which provides the only true, consistent worldwide electronic chart coverages for the industry.

Jeppesen NavData and obstacle services are available for the Advanced Flight Systems AF-4500 Advanced Deck, AF-3500 and AF-3400 avionics systems. Coverage areas include North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East and the Pacific region.

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