L-3 Link to Build F-22 Full Mission Trainers

By Tish Drake | August 3, 2010
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 L-3 Link Simulation & Training was awarded $39.2 million in production contracts from Boeing to build 12 F-22 Full Mission Trainers (FMT). Boeing developed and implemented the overall F-22 Training System, which includes L-3’s F-22 FMTs that enable pilots to practice operating the aircraft.

F-22 FMTs are used to reinforce air-to-air and air-to-ground warfighting skills, including undertaking simulated missions against advanced integrated radar networks and dense surface-to-air missile environments. The FMTs are integrated into the U.S. Air Force’s Distributed Mission Operations training network, allowing F-22 pilots to train and conduct missions with other aircrews flying different simulated aircraft at locations throughout the world.

L-3 Link has delivered nine F-22 FMTs, 23 F-22 Weapons Tactics Trainers and five F-22 Egress Procedures Trainers in support of the F-22 Training System since 2003.

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