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CAE Books $52 Million in Simulator Orders

By Tish Drake | July 6, 2010
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CAE, of Montreal, was awarded $52 million in contracts in training systems for Bombardier, ATR, Vietnam Airlines, and an undisclosed U.S.-based legacy airline.

Bombardier purchased a CAE 7000 Series FFS to Bombardier Aerospace for the new Learjet 85 business aircraft. The Learjet 85 aircraft FFS is scheduled for delivery to the Bombardier training centre in Montreal, Canada in 2012. CAE has signed a contract with aircraft manufacturer ATR for one prototype CAE Series 7000 FFS capable of replicating both the ATR42-600 and ATR72-600 cockpits. CAE will also provide ATR with a CAE Simfinity maintenance/flight simulation training device (MFSTD) and a CAE Simfinity desktop trainer. In addition, ATR has selected CAE Flightscape flight data monitoring software. The prototype ATR42/72-600 FFS will be delivered in 2011 to the ATR training centre in Toulouse, France.

Vietnam Airlines ordered an Airbus A320 FFS and has signed a contract with the CAE Global Academy for the provision of 40 pilots. The A320 FFS, as well as a brief-debrief station and a smoke generation system, will be delivered in 2011 to a new training centre which Vietnam Airlines plans to build in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The undisclosed U.S. legacy airline has ordered a Boeing 737 simulator.

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