Jade Cargo Selects Boeing AHM System

By Tish Drake | June 8, 2010
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Cargo carrier Jade Cargo selected Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) for its fleet of six 747-400 Freighters, under an agreement announced Friday.

Jade Cargo will incorporate all three AHM modules into its operation — Real-Time Fault Management, Performance Monitoring and Custom Alerting and Analysis. The Real-Time Fault Management module communicates in-flight information to ground stations for diagnosis and real-time operational decisions to initiate any needed maintenance operations and deploy the necessary people, parts and equipment; the Performance Monitoring will allow Jade Cargo to analyze airplane performance data to improve airplane fuel efficiency and flight planning; and the Custom Alerting and Analysis enables the airline to address developing airplane system issues by automatically monitoring, collecting, and transmitting service level information including tire pressure, oxygen pressure, hydraulic fluid, Auxiliary Power Unit and engine oil levels.

"I believe AHM can extremely improve efficiency and reliability in our flight operation," said Jade Cargo International CEO and Captain Kay Kratky upon signing the agreement. "I am looking forward to more cooperation with Boeing."

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