AeroMexico Airlines to Use ICG NxtLink System

By Tish Drake | June 7, 2010
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International Communications Group (ICG), based in Newport News, Va., will provide its NxtLink ICS-120A communications system for flight deck voice and DataLink services for AeroMexico Airlines on five of its Boeing 767-200s and 300s.

ICG’s Iridium-based system is compliant with the requirements for both AOC and ATS flight deck communications and support ACARS, CPDLC and other FANS1/A messaging. The agreement also covers the associated Configuration Identity Modules (CIM) and Spectralux Avionics Dlink+ all-in-one ACARS system.

ICG’s NxtLink 120A device incorporates a single Iridium transceiver for voice and circuit switched or Internet data as well as a Short Burst Data modem dedicated to ACARS Datalink. The system provides connections to the flight deck avionics and systems providing global communications services via the Iridium network. It supports all Future Air Navigation System (FANS) and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) as well as ACARS requirements. The system includes a Control Display Unit, VHF Digital Radio, Communication Management Unit and aircraft health monitoring in a single LRU.

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