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Jeppesen Unveils Flight Planning Capability

By Tish Drake | May 26, 2010
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Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen, based in Englewood, Colo., introduced Flight Tracking, a flight planning capability that allows operators to view aircraft position reports within the and JetPlanner applications. Flight Tracking is a part of an integrated Jeppesen flight planning solution suite.

Through processing of aircraft position report data supplied through several global sources, the new Jeppesen solution now allows for worldwide IFR flight tracking. The system, which is applicable to business, commercial and military aviation, develops aircraft position reports processed from three possible data sources, depending on flight location. The primary data source is supplied through the FAA Aircraft Situation Display for Industry (ASDI) feed, covering all IFR flight plans filed in the United States and for aircraft that depart or arrive in the United States. The EuroControl Central Flow Management Unit data distribution service to aircraft operators (CFMU DDS to AO) information feed received by Jeppesen will track European aircraft positions. For those operating outside of Europe and North America, Jeppesen can incorporate operator ACARS position reports into the Jeppesen flight tracking database to allow customers to display aircraft position through the and JetPlanner applications.

“Introduction of in-flight aircraft position reports displayed through the new Jeppesen Flight Tracking application now provides our customers with a complete flight information solution suite, when integrated with Jeppesen flight planning and weather services,” said Mike Cetinich, Jeppesen senior product manager. “The new flight tracking application now allows all flight planning data to be presented in a unified format, which is quickly and efficiently processed on the ground and in the flight deck.”

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