Jeppesen OK’ed to Design Procedures in Australia

By Tish Drake | April 22, 2010
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Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen was granted certification by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia to design, validate and maintain instrument flight procedures, the company said Wednesday. The certification authorizes Jeppesen to create Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures such as Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required (SAAAR) as well as conventional VOR, ILS and RNAV procedures.

Jeppesen holds similar procedure design certification from FAA, and has experience designing PBN and conventional procedures in other regions, including China, Taiwan, New Zealand and Panama.

The certification required Jeppesen to document its capabilities and expertise for CASA, including submitting multiple examples of each procedure type for which certification was sought and a review of training records and credentials documenting that Jeppesen’s procedure design staff meets CASA requirements for chief designers and acting chief designers.

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