Cathay Pacific to Use ARINC EFB System

By Tish Drake | April 21, 2010
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ARINC said Wednesday that Cathay Pacific Airways has received approval to use ARINC's AeroConnx Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system, and has begun operational evaluation. Cathay Pacific has installed the system on its B777-300s undergoing trial evaluation.

AeroConnx integrates EFB applications, hardware, communications media, content and configuration. It provides high-bandwidth communications and automated data delivery. Components of the AeroConnx platform include the EFB application suite managed by ARINC’s Program Manager, the ARINC EFB Content Delivery Management System (CDMS), ARINC’s AeroSync communications and aircraft data system and ARINC GateFusion wireless gatelink service. ARINC said it has also recently deployed its GateFusion service at Hong Kong International Airport in support of Cathay Pacific's operational trial.

“The way airlines use and manage information is changing very rapidly, and new onboard systems like electronic flight bags and media such as gatelink and Iridium are being used to support applications like electronic charts, documents, techlogs, and real-time credit card authorizations,” said Capt. Russell Davie, general manager operations, Cathay Pacific Airways. “AeroConnx supports both flight deck and cabin applications, and we believe it will lead the way to help airlines leverage the latest new technologies, and become more operationally efficient and cost effective.”

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