Septentrio, FreeFlight Form Strategic Partnership

By Tish Drake | April 14, 2010
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FreeFlight Systems, of Waco, Texas, announced a strategic partnership with Septentrio Satellite Navigation, of Leuven, Belgium, to develop new GPS/SBAS receivers for automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B), required navigation performance (RNP) and LPV applications.

"Our goal is to make affordable equipment that will allow any aircraft to take advantage of the new services that are available as part of the global transition to satellite based operations," said Tim Taylor, FreeFlight Systems president and CEO. "With the Septentrio engine at the heart of our systems, we are ensuring the best possible performance in all applications and global locations."

The Septentrio engine meets the most stringent performance standards for precision, integrity and availability and is capable of using either the existing GPS constellation or the newer Galileo system.

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