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EMS Antenna Wins Inmarsat Approval

By Tish Drake | March 31, 2010
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The eNfusion AMT-700 High-gain Antenna (HGA) from EMS Aviation received an Inmarsat Letter of Assessment as a Class 6 multi-channel aeronautical antenna, the company announced Wednesday. This assessment signifies that the antenna suitable to support multi-channel SwiftBroadband, Classic Aero H/H+ and Swift64 services, and is now ready for sale and installation.

"Our successful testing indicates that this new tail-mounted antenna will provide unsurpassed gain compared to competing antennas for Inmarsat-based systems," says John Broughton, vice president of product development at EMS Aviation, formerly EMS SATCOM.

The AMT-700 HGA is a mechanically-steered antenna, consistent with the most current ARINC 781 specification, and is optimized for installation in the tail of aircraft. It is a small, light, high-performance solution ideal for installation on mid-size business aircraft, such as the Embraer 450/500 or the Bombardier CL300, but is also optimized for co-location with a Ku-band antenna on long-range business jets, the company said. The system includes two LRUs: the HGA and a diplexer/low noise amplifier (DLNA).

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