Aegean Airlines to Use CabinVu System

By Tish Drake | December 9, 2009
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Greek airline Aegean Airlines will use AD Aerospace’s CabinVu in-flight security systems for its Boeing 737-400s. The system includes the Cockpit Door Monitoring System (CDMS), which provides pilots with a clear and unrestricted view of the area outside the cockpit door and in the adjacent galleys via a series of cameras linked to monitors in the cockpit. FlightVu equipment has been or is being installed on aircraft for AeroSvit, Icelandair, SmartLynx, Caribbean Airlines, Boeing, airBaltic, Austrian Airlines, GECAS, ILFC, Orient Thai, Comair,  Hong Kong Express, Hong Kong Airways, bmi, British Airways, JetBlue, Thomsonfly, Air Asia, Corsair, easyJet, Hainan, Germania, TUIfly, Sama and MyTravel amongst others.

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