PMA Granted For ‘NxtMail’ Server

International Communications Group (ICG), based in Newport News, Va., received FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) for its NxtMail Server. NxtMail permits users with WiFi-capable smartphones to access e-mail and Internet in-flight. The NxtMail server provides global e-Mail service through either an ICG ICS Iridium system or via any Inmarsat Broadband terminal. ICG said the NxtMail server can operate concurrently with other on-board data services such as Airshow updates and electronic flight bags. The PMA is supported by a Supplemental Type Certificate granted to Gulfstream Aerospace for installation in the Gulfstream 200 mid-range business jet, ICG said. Visit

Flight Information Service

WSI Corp., of Andover, Mass., released WSI Fusion 2.2, an upgrade to its WSI Fusion online flight, airport and airspace condition information service. New features include tracking of global lightning information, enhanced flight data interface, tropical pseudo-radar imagery, projected aircraft positioning and extended airspace restriction, flight information, and flight projection capabilities. Visit

LynxOS Development

AdaCore released the GNAT Pro Ada development environment for LynuxWorks’ LynxOS 5.0 operating system, which allows GNAT Pro users to develop applications for both LynxOS 4.x and 5.0, and provides a smooth migration path from older versions of the operating system to LynxOS 5.0, the company said. The development tool is compatible with GNAT Pro 6.2.2 for LynxOS 4.x. New features include increased RAM support, symmetric multiprocessing and ELF file format. Visit

Displays TSO’d

Aspen Avionics, of Albuquerque, N.M., said its EFD500 Multi-Function Display (MFD), EFD1000 MFD and EWR50 Evolution Weather Receiver received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval. The MFDs are built on the same certified hardware and software platform as the Evolution EFD1000 PFD, and feature moving maps, terrain awareness and traffic displays, Stormscope WX-500, and XM WX aviation weather products. Visit

Glass Cockpit

Garmin, of Olathe, Kan., introduced G3X, a non-TSO’d glass cockpit for retrofit installation in experimental/kitbuilt and light sport aircraft. The G3X includes a customizable primary flight display/multifunction display combination that features one, two or three all-glass displays, magnetometer, ADAHRS (combined air data and AHRS unit), engine monitoring and temperature probe. Visit

Warning Generator

Heads Up Technologies, of Carrollton, Texas, developed and qualified the Aural Warning Generator (AWG) for the Sikorsky H-92 helicopter under development for the Canadian CH-148 Marine Helicopter Program (MHP). The AWG for the H-92 is capable of three simultaneous audio alerts based on information received from two redundant data concentrator units via an ARINC 429 databus. The 1.5-pound unit supports multiple message tables for different aircraft configurations, male or female voices, foreign languages, tones, chimes and mission specific warnings. The hardware and firmware are qualified to RTCA DO160E and RTCA DO178, Level C, respectively. Visit

MRO Facility Expansion

Flightstar Aircraft Services, a provider of heavy aircraft maintenance and modifications, is expanding its facilities at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Fla. The planned 100,000-square-foot facility will include an aircraft coating facility for narrow and widebody aircraft, a learning center in conjunction with Florida State College at Jacksonville, and additional space for its MRO operations. The expansion will be completed in 2010. Visit

Training System

Aerosim Technologies, of Burnsville, Minn., said its Boeing 757-200 Enhanced Virtual Procedure Trainer (eVPT) has been installed at a commercial pilot type training center in Miami. The flat-panel-based crew training device is designed to serve as a cost effective means to improving the efficiency and quality of flight training programs, the company said. The eVPT allows real-time interaction with aircraft systems in a structured training environment, or complete free-play. The system includes flight controls. Visit

FPGA Boards

4DSP Inc., of Reno, Nev., released three field programmable gate array (FPGA)- based, video image and compression boards for military and aerospace applications. The VID300 PMC series includes the VID375, an image processing platform providing two high-speed video streams for real time JPEG2000 compression; the VID372, which supports two camera-Link interfaces; and the VID371, which offers a robust communication link for video and imaging systems. Visit

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