SYSGO Product DO-178B Certified

By Tish Drake | November 10, 2009
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SYSGO, of Mainz, Germany, announced that its first software-based AFDX (Avionic Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet) (ARINC-664) system received DO-178B Level C certification. This implementation is part of an engine monitoring unit (EMU) developed by Vibro-Meter SA, a MEGGIT Group company. "Coming with a software based implementation of AFDX could have been seen as very challenging, " said Didier Abel, project leader at Vibro-Meter SA. "We were confident however in the ability of our technical staff to take up this challenge, and we chose SYSGO as our key partner because of their experience in DO-178B certification and real time networking. This achievement is definitely the result of a very good partnership over 3 years and confirms our opinion about SYSGO's technical excellence." SYSGO said the software implementation of AFDX offers design possibilities that hardware solutions can not provide. Software AFDX is portable, more flexible and much more affordable. Host drivers are available for PikeOS, the Safe and Secure Virtualization (SSV) product from SYSGO, Linux and other major COTS Real Time Operating Systems, the company said.

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