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Honeywell EGPWS Receives FAA Approval

By Tish Drake | October 14, 2009
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Honeywell’s Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) for helicopters received FAA technical design and production approval, the company announced Tuesday. According to Honeywell, the EGPWS uses aircraft inputs such as position, attitude, air speed, glideslope, internal terrain, obstacles, and airport databases, to predict a potential conflict between the flight path and terrain or an obstacle. "Honeywell’s technology ensures that all helicopter pilots can have EGPWS in their cockpits today to help avoid terrain and obstacles such as towers," said TK Kallenbach, Honeywell vice president, Program Management. "Our EGPWS systems are specifically engineered for rotary-wing operation and helicopter flight characteristics, and will make helicopters equipped with this technology much safer."

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