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ICG Devices Complete SITA Testing

By Tish Drake | September 30, 2009
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International Communications Group (ICG), based in Newport News, Va., said its NxtLink ICS-120A and ICS-220A data devices completed SITA’s VHF AIRCOM  Qualification (VAQ) testing in Montreal, and have been approved for use on the SITA network. In order to be validated and qualified to send Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and other Datalink messages over its network, SITA requires satcom systems to pass its VAQ test and compliance procedures. Both the single channel ICS-120A and dual-channel ICS-220A models were approved. These ICG devices are developed and certified to equally serve the Air Transport and Executive Jet markets with flight safety communications capabilities, the company said. The ICS- 120A dual transceiver incorporates a single Iridium transceiver (LBT) and a Short Burst Data (SBD) modem and provides connections to customary and standard flight deck voice and data systems for both AOC and ATS services. The NxtLink ICS-220A is a three-transceiver device which combines dual LBTs providing two channels of global voice with an SBD modem dedicated to DataLink services.

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