SAE International Developing TTP Standard

By Tish Drake | December 8, 2008
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SAE International, based in Warrendale, Pa., said its AS-2 Embedded Computing Systems Committee is developing a new aerospace standard that it hopes will help simplify the design of advanced integrated systems using time-triggered protocol (TTP). SAE, an association of 115,000 engineers and technical experts, said the SAE AS6003 “TTP Communication Protocol” standard will protect past and ongoing system design investments and simplify design, system integration and incremental modernization of open aerospace and defense systems and architectures. TTP is one of the core technologies for design of open time-triggered architecture (TTA) and generic control system platforms for deterministic, modular, scalable and reusable aerospace systems. SAE International’s AS-2 Embedded Computing Systems Committee, which is part of SAE's Avionic Systems Division, addresses all facets of embedded computing systems – design, maintenance and in-service experience.

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