FAA OKs Jeppesen’s RAIM Prediction Report

By Tish Drake | September 15, 2008
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Jeppesen, Englewood, Colo., received operational approved from FAA for its Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) prediction report, a technology developed to assess the integrity of GPS signals and the accuracy of airborne GPS equipment. Effective Oct. 1, FAA is requesting aircraft operators and pilots who operate in U.S. terminal and en route RNAV environments, and who use GPS as a primary navigation method, obtain a RAIM prediction report before the flight. By July 1, 2009, FAA plans to mandate RAIM prediction for those operators. Jeppesen said its RAIM report is integrated with its flight planning systems. According to Jeppesen, other RAIM prediction services are available, but none are integrated with the flight planning system. According to Jeppesen, if any section of the route has an outage lasting longer than five minutes, the section of the route and timeframe are highlighted in the report, and requiring the route to be re-planned. For related news

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