Separation Kernel

LynuxWorks, San Jose, Calif., unveiled LynxSecure 2.0, its next-generation software separation kernel and embedded hypervisor. LynxSecure 2.0 enables different operating systems (OS) to exist on the same platform, allowing the system to offer several applications on one processor, LynuxWorks said. LynxSecure 2.0 can run on 32-bit or 64-bit memory management unit processors and provides binary compatibility between a standalone OS and its virtualized version. Other features include multiprocessing, a lightweight application run-time environment for creating secure applications, device assignment capabilities and security enhancements. Visit

Graphics Processing Unit

Quantum3D, San Jose, Calif., released IGL178, a software-based, DO-178B Level-A certifiable OpenGL Safety Critical and OpenGL Embedded Systems Graphics Processing Unit. The IGL178 allows GPU-equipped systems for which safety-critical certifiable drivers are not available to host certified applications by eliminating untrusted driver code. The unit is suited for development and deployment of low-cost, obsolescence-proof avionics, weapon systems and other advanced-display applications, including primary and multifunction displays, head-up displays and standby instruments. Visit

Databus Transceiver

National Hybrid, Ronkonkoma, N.Y., introduced a Mil-Std-1553/1760-compliant data bus transceiver in a 7-mm package. The NHi-1565CSP and the NHi-15LV65CSP dual transceivers are available in +3.3V or +5V versions. Each receiver converts the 1553 Manchester encoded bi-phase data to complementary Rx and Rx_L TTL digital outputs. Visit

Battery TSO

Concorde Battery Corp., West Covina, Calif., received FAA Technical Standard Order C173 authorization for its RG-131 battery. Originally developed for the military, the RG-131 is a valve-regulated lead acid battery designed to replace either the 1/2 (AKA 15 minute) or the full (AKA 30 minute) ARINC size, labor intensive nickel cadmium batteries, the company said. Visit

Instrument Covers

Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Batavia, Ohio, introduced a line of instrument covers for glass cockpits, designed for use in training situations to simulate various instrument failures. The covers, which cost $29.95, are designed specifically for the Garmin G1000 avionics suite. The opaque, static-cling stickers cover sections of the primary flight display to simulate instrument failures for the attitude indicator, heading indicator, airspeed and altitude tape and vertical speed indicator. There are also stickers to simulate warning alerts and caution alerts such as low oil pressure, low voltage or low fuel. Combinations of instrument covers can be used by the instructor to simulate complete AHRS failure, air data computer failure or avionics failure, the company said. Visit

Toggle Switches

APEM Components, Haverhill, Mass., was granted Qualified Products List certification for its 12000X778 series of toggle switches, suited for use in military, aerospace and industrial applications. The switch has a double shell case, electrical insulation and a pinned lever. APEM said the switch is suited for low level applications (10mA 50mV) and power applications (2A 250VAC – 4A 125VAC) with an electrical life of 20,000 to 150,000 cycles. Visit

1553 Transformer

Beta Transformer Technology Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., introduced the LVB-4203 transformer, a Mil-Std-1553 data bus transformer for use with 3.3V transceivers. The transformer is built to Mil-Prf-21038 with M-Level and T-Level screening options. Operating range is – 55°C to +130°C. It is 0.130 inches high with a 0.625-inch by 0.625-inch footprint. Visit

WAAS-Enabled FMS

Avidyne Corp., Lincoln Mass., introduced the Entegra FMS900W, a WAAS-enabled GPS/Nav/Comm Flight Management System (FMS). The FMS900W provides VHF and TSO C146b, Gamma 3-compliant, turbine-class FMS capability for general aviation aircraft. The system includes single- or dual remote-mount line replaceable units, each with Avidyne’s GPS723 WAAS/RNP GPS sensor and a VHF Nav/Comm module and optional control/display units. The GPS723 sensor is designed to meet Required Navigation Performance 0.3, the company said. Visit

Filter Modules

VPT Inc., Blacksburg, Va., added two EMI filters to its new COTS product line, the VPT Series. The VPTF10-28 (10A) and VPTF20-28 (20A) filter modules provide compliance to Mil-Std-461 C/D/E for conducted emissions in military and avionics DC-DC power systems, the company said. The filters feature up to 20A maximum current; up to 300W output power; wide input voltage range; six-sided rugged metal enclosure and high input transient voltage. Visit

Repair Service

NAASCO, Shirley, N.Y., is offering a starter generator overhaul and repair service for aircraft and helicopter operators. The service, which the company calls its "Critical Care" program, is available on starter generators contained on its capabilities list for $99 over the overhaul or repair price. Visit

WAAS Upgrade

The WAAS-FMS Flight Management System (FMS) developed by Universal Avionics Systems Corp., Tucson, Ariz., received upgrade installation and certification for a single UNS-1Fw WAAS-FMS in the Falcon 20. Universal’s line of WAAS-capable FMS systems are STC’d for Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft. The systems have been certified for LNAV/VNAV and LNAV on several aircraft types, including King Air, Challenger, Boeing 737 and Astra. Visit

Software Upgrade

Chelton Flight Systems, Boise, Idaho, received European regulatory approval for software version 6.0B on its Electronic Flight Information System. The software upgrade includes ADS-B data link display functionality, WSI Weather, enhanced FMS capability and TCAS II interface and resolution advisory symbology, Chelton said. Visit

HD Video System

Flight Display Systems, Alpharetta, Ga., released its "Fly HD" product, which the company calls the world’s first in-flight hi-definition (HD) video system. The system includes an 8-port HD video switching amplifier, which interfaces with the DVD or BluRay player and monitor. The amplifier will allow multiple HD monitors to display a HD Multimedia Interface (HDMI) signal. Flight Display Systems’ monitors that complete the system range in size from 17 to 42 inches. Visit

VPX-REDI Products

VMETRO, Oslo, Norway, introduced two 6U VPX-REDI products. The MPE730 is a 6U VITA 46/48 Quad-Core PowerPC Multi-Processing Engine that integrates dual Freescale Power Architecture MPC8641D processors and Serial RapidIO fabric connectivity, making it suited for radar, sensor and signal processing applications, the company said. The other product, the SBC731, is a 6U VPX-REDI single board computer that supports a single MPC8641D processor and the Serial RapidIO fabric, which the company said is targeted at host board applications such as mission and control processors. Visit

Data Recorder

Astro-Med, of Warwick, R.I., introduced the Dash 20HF to its high-frequency data recorder family. The unit, which is designed for applications in the aerospace, automotive and electric utility fields, supports recording up to 20 analog channels to an internal hard drive at sample rates of up to 500 kHz and a bandwidth of 100 kHz per channel, the company said. In addition, the recorder includes a dedicated, 250 GByte internal hard drive for capturing data and a DVD burner for archiving data. Other features include 1000BaseT Ethernet for data upload and host control along with two USB 2.0 ports for archiving data to external peripherals. It comes equipped with a 15-inch monitor with touchscreen control for real-time data viewing. Visit

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