Software Development Environment

AdaCore, of New York and Paris, released the 12th annual edition of its GNAT Pro Ada software development environment, available in 44 configurations on 79 different operating systems, including versions of Windows, Linux and Solaris. The company released the latest version at Avionics Expo 2008 in Amsterdam in March. Features of the GNAT Pro 6.1.1 include thread-safe profiling; increased Ada support in gcov, a coverage analysis tool; warnings to help programmers detect errors; an upgraded debugging engine; and Windows.NET framework support. AdaCore said its Ada and GNAT Pro systems are increasingly used in safety-certified applications, including commercial avionics, military systems, air-traffic management, railroad systems and medical devices. The GNAT Pro family of products, is designed for building safe and secure software. The Ada toolset helps reduce the cost of developing systems that meet safety standards such as RTCA DO-178B/EUROCAE ED-12B, DO-278, CAP 670/SW01 and ESARR 4/6. Packages include full, multi-language compile system, configurable Ada run-time system and static analysis package. Visit

Fiber Lasers

Aculight Corp., Bothell, Wash., released Telesto, a series of rugged fiber lasers. The lasers are applicable for mapping, surveillance and laser radar applications, providing high-power output from a hermetically sealed, low-jitter source. The standard "Telesto" pulsed fiber laser, Model P36L-1064, produces 3- to 5-ns pulses at repetition rates from 20 kHz to 750 kHz with 4W of average power (>50 kHz). It measures 2.6 by 6 by 7 inches and weighs about eight pounds. Visit


Athena Technologies, Warrenton, Va., released the XMAG 3-D external magnetometer, which measures the ambient magnetic field. XMAG, which measures less than 8 cubic inches and weighs about 5 ounces, is designed for applications in manned and unmanned aircraft. It supports two electrical outputs — analog and digital serial — and was developed to FAA certification standards, DO-178B and DO-160E. Visit

Quality Assurance

TSS Aviation, of Cincinnati, and Standard Aero’s Maryville, Tenn., MRO facility earned AS9100 and AS9110 certifications, respectively. The certifications are the first received for the combined companies of Standard Aero, Landmark, TSS and Associated Air Center, under the DAE Engineering banner. AS9100/AS9110 is the aerospace industry’s quality system standard for quality assurance in aircraft design, development, production, installation and servicing. It is a supplement to the international quality management system standard ISO9001, which aligns many of the existing aerospace quality system requirements. Visit

Micro Connectors

Tyco Electronics, Berwyn, Pa., introduced a microminiature RF connector. The size of the connector makes it suited for ground and airborne radar, antenna systems and other communications systems, the company said. The 50-ohm connector is available with a smooth bore or detented interface to provide insertion forces of either 2.5 or 4.5 pounds. The interface design complies with Mil-Std-348A. The connector works with.047-inch semirigid cable and T-flex 405 cable and is designed to accommodate radial and axial misalignments of 0.010 inch. Visit

DSP Card

North Atlantic Industries, Bohemia N.Y., released a DSP-based, single-slot VXI card. The card design allows for up to four synchro/resolver instrument-grade measurement channels and up to four synchro/resolver instrument-grade stimulus channels; or up to eight synchro/resolver embedded-grade stimulus channels; and up to six programmable reference supplies, the company said. The unit incorporates an internal wraparound self-test function that does not require external hardware or software. Instrument stimulus and reference outputs provide 2.2 VA of drive and are programmable from 47 Hz to 10,000 Hz. Visit

Airborne Video

A2TECH of Peschiara, Italy, a developer of UAV avionics, and AppServer Solutions, Carlsbad, Calif., formed a strategic alliance to develop manned and unmanned airborne video digital signal processing products. The companies said FPGA embedded algorithmic technology from AppServer, coupled with A2TECH’s products, will provide a modular, embedded solution for real-time video processing products. The first product is expected to be completed this year. Visit

Instrument Repair

Triumph Instruments, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., added repair capabilities for Honeywell/Sperry, Rockwell Collins and other brands of flux detector sensors. Also, Triumph said it added repair capabilities for Rockwell Collins Pro Line I and II and Bendix King Silver Crown line replaceable units. The company has FAA Class 1, 2, 3 and 4, and JAR 145 aircraft instrument repair facilities in Fort Lauderdale and Round Rock, Texas. Visit

Dual Transformer

Beta Transformer Technology Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., introduced an ultra low-profile dual transformer, the DSS-2000 series. The transformers, available in ratios compatible with 3.3, 5.0, 12 and 15 Volt transceivers, use a header-style design that meets requirements of the Mil-Prf-21038 specification. The transformers operate over the full Mil-temp range of -55°C to +130°C. Visit

Fiber Connector

ITT Interconnect Solutions, Santa Ana, Calif., released its Cannon PHD SuperLC connector, a fiber optic component designed for harsh environments. The connector has a tunable optical cartridge that functions as a standalone element separate from the connector housing. Visit

Development Kits

Data Device Corp. (DDC), Bohemia, N.Y., has enhanced its Software Development Kits for Mil-Std-1553 PC/104-Plus and PCI-104 cards. The kits allow users to develop source code to simulate, monitor or troubleshoot 1553 data buses with support for the latest versions of operating systems including VxWorks 6, Linux 2.6 and Windows 2000/XP. Users can quickly integrate DDC’s 1553 cards into their "C" source-code applications. Visit

Combo-D Connectors

Positronic Industries, Springfield, Mo., announced a line of Combo-D connectors — the CBD Series, offering power, shielded, signal, high-voltage, air and thermocouple contact options. The company also introduced power contact options for use with size 6 AWG wire. Visit

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