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Honeywell Unit on Falcon Bizjets

By Tish Drake | February 21, 2008
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Honeywell will supply a Communications Gateway and Multi-Channel Satellite Communications equipment for all Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000 family of business jets and the new Falcon 7X aircraft. Deliveries of the Communication Gateway products are scheduled for Falcon aircraft that will be delivered later this year. Honeywell said the Communications Gateway unit provides a bridge between the user and a computer, Voice Over Internet Phone blackberry or PDA unit that will allow their use for e-mail or other communication during aircraft operation in flight or on the ground. Honeywell said its system will reduce the number of existing communication boxes needed for business calls and internet services, saving weight while enhancing reliability. “Utilizing a proprietary data bus, our CG-710 will eliminate the need for a telephone hand set in the cockpit,” said Ken Snodgrass, vice president, technical sales, Honeywell Business and General Aviation. “In conjunction with our AV-900 Cockpit Audio Panel, flight crews will be able to make or receive telephone calls using their aircraft headsets instead of a traditional telephone. 

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