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Flight Safety Technologies Settles Suit

By Tish Drake | January 11, 2008
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Flight Safety Technologies, Mystic, Conn., reached a settlement in a case against Analogic and Sanders Design International (SDI) regarding Counter-Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) technology. Under the terms of the settlement, Peabody, Mass.-based Analogic assigned its license rights in the MANPADS Countermeasure technology against certain shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to Flight Safety Technologies, but retained certain related manufacturing rights or, alternatively, certain royalty rights which range from 10 percent to 5 percent of gross revenue from the sale of related products. Flight Safety Technologies and SDI, a technology company based in Wilton, N.H., have been involved together on the project since April 2004. "I believe this agreement positions us to move forward with the development of this important technology,” Flight Safety Technologies CEO William Cotton said. “We have been encouraged by test results of the technology and look forward to completing a live fire test of the system with the Air Force early this year." Flight Safety Technologies is a development stage company pursuing advanced technologies. The technologies include the Aircraft Wake Safety Management (AWSM) system, which will provide a total airport system solution to the need for increased airport capacity with enhanced safety; SOCRATES, an airport based laser acoustic sensor for the detection and tracking of wake vortex turbulence; UNICORN, an airborne radar for collision avoidance using components to achieve low cost, small size and light weight; and TIICM, an airborne passive countermeasure initiative to protect airliners against the threat of certain terrorist missile attacks.

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