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Adam Completes A700 Testing

By Tish Drake | January 10, 2008
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Adam Aircraft, Englewood, Colo., completed environmental testing of its A700 aircraft, a process that exposed the A700 very light jet (VLJ) to adverse weather conditions. During the five-day testing exercise, the Williams FJ-33 engines were exposed to freezing fog, freezing rain and blowing snow to evaluate the ground performance of the engine inlet anti-ice system. The company said the anti-ice tests, conducted for FAA certification credit and critically evaluated, were completed satisfactorily and will form the initial part of the overall Powerplant Operating Characteristics and Airplane Anti-ice Protection certification effort which will be completed later this year. The testing also involved exposing the aircraft and all of its systems to temperatures as low as -40F evaluating the effects of cold on the flight controls, avionics, engine starters and other critical systems. Adam Aircraft said the certification program continues to be on track for completion in 2008.

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