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UAV Consultancy Launched

By Tish Drake | January 9, 2008
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Consulting firms American Aerospace Advisors, Radnor, Pa., and UAV MarketSpace, Oyster Bay, N.Y., created a service to support unmanned aircraft (UA) facilities and operations worldwide. The companies said the joint venture, known as UAS Operations Services, brings together experts in such areas as UA pilot training, airframe and system airworthiness, flight safety, airspace de-confliction and UA range setup and operations. "Safety is critical to the future of the commercial (civil) and public UA industry. UA flight operations are proliferating, yet the number of personnel experienced in UA operations is limited. We recognized the growing need for a UA consultancy to efficiently provide access to leading subject matter experts for emerging UA operations around the world," said Jim Jewell, CEO of UAV MarketSpace, a senior partner in the new consultancy. According to the companies, the venture will allow customers to establish or improve range and flight operations –– including facility development, range operations and scheduling, training, certification and decision support services. In addition, the consultancy will help airframe manufacturers qualify airframes for Special Certificates of Airworthiness (Experimental Class) and apply for Certificates of Authorization (COA’s) when flying as public aircraft.

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