Certification Guidance

A new book, "Avionics Certification: The Complete Guide to DO-178," endeavors to guide readers through the avionics certification process.

The authors are Vance Hilderman, who spent 25 years designing aerospace systems, and Tony Baghai, who has 20 years of experience in software certification. They are co-founders of HighRely Inc., of Phoenix, which provides software certification and training services.

Certification guidance is needed, the authors say, because RTCA documents DO-178B for avionics software and DO-254 for hardware are intentionally written to be vague. They contain only considerations, not requirements. Nevertheless, avionics won’t get certified without meeting these imprecise considerations.

To reach the goal of certification, the authors offer practical advice acquired over two decades of approvals aboard major airliner and military projects.

The book, priced at $95, is available through Avionics Communications Inc., of Leesburg, Va. For information, see www.avionics.com/do-178.htm.

Entertainment System

Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Kaleidescape, Mountain View, Calif., developed a video and control interface that integrates Rockwell Collins’s cabin management system with the Kaleidescape’s entertainment server.

Kaleidescape stores DVDs and CDs on hard disk drives,. The interface has a 10.6-inch display, with picture-in-picture and preview capabilities. The video output is connected to the cabin management distribution system for viewing on any seat or bulkhead display. Visit www.rockwellcollins.com.

FLIR Display

Mercury Computer Systems, of Chelmsford, Mass., has integrated Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) imagery on the VistaNav Synthetic Vision System, models CIS-2000 and CIS-2200.

The systems, which qualify as Class 2 Electronic Flight Bags, support chart viewing, Synthetic Vision, flight planning, performance data and FLIR.

The FLIR image has been integrated as a display option within the 3D/2D split-view navigation screen of the VistaNav system. The image is superimposed with aircraft attitude information within the 3D pane and with navigation information and terrain avoidance warning system on the 2D pane.

The SVS systems have a ruggedized, sunlight-readable display with built-in hard buttons and an emergency battery backup. Visit www.mc.com.

1553 PMC Card

Ballard Technology, Everett, Wash., released its Mil-Std-1553 PMC product, PMC 141. The card is available in commercial or conduction cooled versions and offers a Monarch/non-Monarch PrPMC with DMA and 1 or 2 dual redundant 1553 interfaces. It can be used as a peripheral to a host processor system, or as a stand-alone device utilizing the PowerPC embedded processor.

The 1553 channels are implemented as hardware modules external to the processor. Ballard said the architecture ensures schedules will be maintained and data received on fully loaded 1553 databuses. Visit www.ballardtech.com.

Databus Cable

Tensolite, St. Augustine, Fla., expanded its NETflight family of aerospace grade databus products to include Serial ATA.

Features of the NETflight family of products include controlled impedance, high-speed transmission; and superior smoke, flame and toxicity. Protocols include 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Can Bus, LVDS, USB, IEEE 1394, DVI and Serial ATA. Visit www.tensolite.com.

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