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Lital S.p.A Changes Name

By Tish Drake | April 10, 2007
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Northrop Grumman said its Italy-based navigation systems subsidiary, Lital S.p.A, changed its name to Northrop Grumman Italia S.p.A. The name change, the company said, was done to “optimize its branding and strengthen its identity with the $30 billion global defense and technology company.” Northrop Grumman Italia's products are primarily used in avionics and tactical applications but are also used in naval and land-based applications. Additional products include tactical command and control, intelligent handheld terminals and artillery automation. Its products include inertial navigation systems, attitude and heading reference systems, fixed gyro-based system integration packages; rotary wing dual redundant navigation/flight control packages; missile inertial measurement sensors and sensor stabilization packages; inertial measurement units with dynamically tuned gyros; laser gyroscopes; fiber-optic gyroscope technologies; map and mission computers and displays.

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